Welcome to The Whole Wild World!

I’m Sheila Paylan, an international criminal lawyer living in The Hague with a passion to write and a penchant to travel. My work has shown me some of humanity’s deepest darkest depths, but my heart is still driven to seek and find beauty everywhere around me.

Whether it’s an awe-inspiring sunset over the Mekong river or a perfect taco from a Mexican food truck, there is no shortage of gifts or pleasures on anyone’s path. And along the way, I’ve learned that the best part of any trip or experience is not just living it, but telling the tale.

If you get even a fraction of the pleasure out of reading my stories as I do out of writing them, then my job here is done.

Happy reading, safe travels, and always remember that the world in all its infinite wonder is ever patiently waiting for you to devour!