Are You Sure / That We Are Awake?

As I slowly descended a stone stairway from the Serednikovo manor leading into a lush forest, an épopée began to manifest right before my eyes. With a broad-winged angel in white to my left being escorted by a thorn-faced man in a tuxedo, and an overturned centaur with a human body and pixilated-mirrored horse’s head […]

If They Love You, They Will Come

True friends can be ranked much like the Michelin Guide rates restaurants: one star is “a very good friend”; two stars are for “excellent friendship that is worth a detour”; and three stars mean “exceptional friendship that is worth a special journey”. As much a glutton for people as I am for food, I regularly […]

Taking Off

If there were a competition for the most annoying question, the award might very well go to: “What is the meaning of life?” In all its glorious cliché, unanswerability, and, dare I say, laziness (for, after all, shouldn’t we be able to figure it out for ourselves, and ask each other the better question: “What is […]